It is hard to imagine anyone in today’s age of computers not being able to
scan a document, let alone know what to do with it once it is scanned. Yet,
there are countless services offering to do just that–scan, upload and make
your file as you want. Whether you want it simply stored on your computer,
changed into a PDF, converted into c.d. form or simply sent out as an email, these services will do it. The question is: are they actually needed? Do you have to have someone else scan and create your documents?

The answer is both yes and no, and below we will offer the advantages and disadvantages of using such services.

Why To Use It:

Most companies suffer from poor storage. They have row after row of filing cabinets, all stuffed with documents and important papers. What most services will do is offer to convert all of these into computer files, saving you the time of 1) having to scan all the papers yourself or 2) continually rummaging through the cabinets in hopes to find what you are looking for. They will go through your mountain of paper and organize them on the computer. This can save you a great deal of time both now and later. Now since you don’t have to spend your time organizing, as opposed to focusing on current projects. Later since you won’t have to try and find what you need in a messy file cabinet.

Another reason to use a document scanning service is the quality. These companies guarantee that you will have perfectly scanned and organized files. They will do whatever you need to be done, so you won’t have to waste your time guessing against a piece of equipment that you swear hates you since it never seems to work.

Why Not To Use It:

Ultimately, most–if not all–office workers know how to scan. It’s routine. To pay someone else to do it can seem wasteful and, since the prices can be expensive, it can also seem foolish. Scanning and organizing are traits that any worker should have, and employers may hesitate to send for someone else to do what is, essentially, your job.

Also, since the prices can be expensive, it has to be viewed from an objective point: is it better to spend the money and save some time, or just have a worker come in an extra day? Employers may look toward the latter.

Is It Worth It:

Depending on your situation, document scanning services can either seem very appealing or very pointless. If you are unfamiliar with how to fully use your computer (perhaps you can scan but the rest is just guesswork), then using a service might be an excellent way to learn and get yourself organized. If you are competent with scanning, however, you may see this as a waste of money and time. It all comes down to how much faith you have in your skills and how much money you are willing to spend.


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