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Leadership for the next generation.

Your family and employees depend on your leadership for success.

Many people work their entire life to build a successful business. They dream of having their family come together and making it grow. They imagine a legacy for generations to come. It’s not always as romantic as it sounds. As personalities, goals and boundaries blend it can get more and more complicated to manage. The business, the legacy and the family unit could suffer.

Ensure your family business legacy lives on from one generation to the next.

One-on-One coaching with a Family Business expert will help you establish an actionable plan that unites the family around a shared purpose. What do you want for the future of the business and for yourselves?

Set your business up for growth and innovation while carrying on the family legacy.


Angela Civitella specializes in helping families build and transition their business smoothly avoiding the pitfalls before they happen. Being a second-generation business leader herself, she understands the growing pains each family member goes through as a new leader takes over. Her Successful Succession Program brings the family together to focus on the vision, goals and the legacy. With an actionable plan in hand outlining everyone’s roles and responsibilities, values and boundaries can be maintained peacefully with the greater good in mind.

Our clients range from small and medium sized, from locally owned companies to large corporations.

No matter how different these family-run businesses may be, they all struggles with:

Legacy vs. Growth, Productivity and Innovation

Transitioning from one generation to the next

Crucial yet difficult conversations

Healthy team dynamics

New heights for your family business

Family owned businesses encounter touchy issues rarely discussed in business schools. Our proven process helps family members clarify their goals and expectation to develop an action plan that meets everyone’s definition of success.

Successful Succession

Bring the family together to focus on the vision, goals and legacy. With this actionable plan in-hand outlining everyone’s roles and responsibilities, values and boundaries can be maintained peacefully with the greater good in mind.

Founder Legacy Coaching

Handing over your legacy isn’t as easy as you think. Learning to let go and have faith in your offspring is key. It starts by objectively identifying the most capable person, then mentoring them to be your future leader.

Next Generation Preparation

Inheriting a business and making it thrive is a lot of pressure and often involves feeling lost in the shadow of those who led before you. Don’t let yourself feel powerless, manage the transition to leader with grace while claiming your identity in the business world.

Conflict Resolution

While the business might be running smoothly, family arguments and expectations could set roadblocks. Maintain boundaries while addressing sensitive topics in a productive manner, so you can move forward as a team.

Family Participation Plan

Every family business is different making policy templates not very effective. The best policies come from authentic conversations about present and future challenges. Establish solid agreements with a Family Participation Plan the entire family will live by.

Fit for The Digital Age

Implement a new and agile way of working with digital ready structures to ensure family business continuity. Put a system in place for growth and innovation the whole family can adopt with conscious business design. Where legacy and speed meet to serve the next generation of clients.

Empower Your Team with Clarity, Harmony and Longevity.

70% of all family businesses fail when team conflict, poor communication and lack of accountability get in the way.

What are you doing about it?

Is your Family Business set up for Harmony or Misery?

Find out now!

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