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Why We Do What We Do

lntinde is more than a name.
It's the feeling you get while traversing the road to your greatest self.
It's more than a practice - it's a passion.
lntinde embodies focus, direction, strength, power,
and fearlessness on the continued quest for personal excellence.

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“When Intinde was first created, it was important to design and maintain a unique coaching style that stems from more an authentic perspective. Sure, you can go to school and learn how to become a coach. But, when you experience coaching yourself through your own obstacles, you learn to become fearless in the face of challenges.
Most learn it – I’ve lived it.

Angela Civitella
CEO and Founder of Intinde

Intinde coaches are selected for their Experience, Expertise and Empathy.


Individuals with invaluable
life experience


Who have overcome their
own obstacles


To share their skills
and experiences


With an attentive and unique
approach to each client


In possibilities and the quest for
passion and self-actualization

Featured Coaches


Angela Civitella

Leadership Coach


I am a successful executive and motivator who continues to realize profitable returns on investment for mandates that I am awarded.

Having a proven ability as a negotiator, strategist, and problem-solver, my role as an executive has allowed me to witness and evaluate countless interactions with a myriad of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

From these experiences was born a desire to share my observations and knowledge in the fields of leadership and management with others who are seeking to improve and grow to their peak potential.

My ability to teach, advise and guide executives to be more effective leaders has led me to obtain a certification as a management business coach.

My practiced applications creates sound and solid synergies with those in quest of improving their leadership and teambuilding skills.

My solid track record, business acumen, and skill at nurturing effective relationships, brings immeasurable value to both the aspiring and seasoned executive

Olivia Gottlieb

Business and Marketing Strategy Coach


With hands-on experience developing and managing Marketing Strategies for SME’s and Large Corporations from L’Oreal to Harley-Davidson,
Technion Canada to Rogers and more, Olivia Gottlieb brings a fresh perspective to your business.

You may feel you have a Strategy already, but do you understand all of your possible Target Markets? Does your messaging resonate with your dream clients? Do you have the right Calls to Action to convert to actual sales?

In a 180-Minutes  Brainstorm session, Olivia will shift your perspective by 180 degrees to discover true opportunities, with an actionable plan to make It happen!


Marc Samoisette

Sales Process Coach


Without a doubt, sales performance is a critical part of any organization. 
If you're looking to expand your business, increase marketshare and profits while retaining your employees - you need the right sales process.

Marc’s philosophy is that sales performance is only as strong as the underlying sales process. It should be managed as any other critical process within your organization.
Marc’s 35 years of B2B sales experience includes working for Xerox for 16 years that was known for its outstanding sales process with unlimited resources as well as start-ups and young companies with limited resources.
Since then, Marc has turned his attention and  expertise to help CEOs of SMB  providers of product and services overcome the roller coaster ride of quarter to quarter sales results. He does this by designing and implementing customized sales process’ utilizing the available resources and capabilities that these organization possess.  

Recently, Marc published a book called Sales Proce$$ified - How Small Business CEOs Can Implement A Sales Process With Ease, available on Amazon.

We're looking for people with a passion for changing lives.

Powerful things happen when we work together, and coaching is no different. lntinde is always seeking coaches to partner with that are dedicated to working alongside others to help empower and uplift the world.

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It's time to feel valued and fall in love with your career.