Who Is Your Successor?

This is the most important decision you will ever make in your business: Who will you choose to be your successor? Guess what? You don't have to choose the first born, or the male in your family.

STOP Hight Turnover In Your Family Business

STOP HIGH TURNOVER IN YOUR FAMILY BUSINESS! Often, these complex issues come up between family and non-family employees, causing breakdowns in your team.

Your Biggest Mistake Is Not Making One!

If you're not failing, you're not growing! Stop being scared of failing and start being scared of playing it small.

What’s Your Negative Trigger?

What are your negative triggers? Don't let them set you back. Follow these steps and start growing.

How to Fair Profit Share In Your Business

Are you having a tough time figuring out how to divide profits in a family business? It's hard enough discussing profit share with business associates - add in the family factor and it can be even more complex.

Is Your Business Thriving In The Digital Age?

Have you brought your family business into the digital age? If you aren't sure what this entails, then this video is for you.

Is Training At The Forefront Of Your Business?

If training is not at the forefront of your business, you may be missing out. Do you know what your staff truly values? If training is not at the forefront of your business, you may be missing out. Find out why... Ensure a smooth transition from one generation to the next.

Are You Feeling Pressured to Hire Family Members In Your Business?

Are you feeling pressured to hire family members in your business? If so, this video is for you! Check out these top 4 tips to help you politely decline while protecting your relationships. Avoid family break-ups and breakdowns.

Define Roles For Success In Your Business

Have you heard "It's not my job!" one too many times? It's really important to structure your family business (or any business) for longevity and profitability. Learn how to define roles for each layer of your business for success. Empower Your Team with Clarity, Harmony and Longevity.

The Keys to Job Hunting on My Carolina

Are you in the job market? Wondering how to land the job you want during these difficult times? Angela Civitella, Leadership Coach and Founder of Intinde, shares her top tips to impressing hiring managers.

The Edge You Need for the New Job Market!

With unemployment rates rising, many are searching for new jobs. Let's look at what job hunting look like post #Covid. Wondering what the most in-demand skills are? Angela Civitella, Intinde Founder and Leadership Coach shares top info and tips!

The Reality of Remote Working with WSET – Living in the heart of Virginia

With close to 92% of people working remotely right now, working from home is becoming the new reality. Angela Civitella, Intinde Founder and Leadership Coach shares top tips on staying productive and motivated and with WSET - Living in the Heart of Virginia.

Delegation is the KEY to your success

Delegation isn’t easy, but it is the KEY to your success. Watch these top 8 Delegation Pitfalls and rise against the pressure of doing it all yourself.

Adding Value to A Meeting

Brief overview as to why it’s important to be a valued collaborator in a meeting. Productive, constructive and geared towards effective idea exchanges, and decision making

Developing Expert Power

A brief description as to what Expert Power is, what it can do for you, and who benefits from it. Great for leaders wanting to re-inforce their position as thought leaders in their field

How Good Are Your Team Management Skils

Touches upon the 4 components that need to be looked at when assessing if you are a good manager, It’s important that you think you are, but even more important that your team thinks so

Are You an Effective Leader?

Briefly describes how effective leadership is not by birth or birthright. That skills in leadership need to be studied and honed when taking over a family business or assuming a leadership role within an organization.

Coach’s Corner: Are You in the Right Career

Briefly describes if you are in doubt over your career choice while uncovering new talents and abilities to lead you to a new career path

Coach’s Corner: Have You Hit a Wall at Work?

A brief description into dealing with issues surrounding lack of motivation, productivity and underperforming in delivering expected results in the workplace

Coach’s Corner: What is Your Real Investment in Business Coaching

Insight into what the real investment in business coaching is, and are you the right candidate

Coach’s Corner: Why seek a Business Coach?

Why do you need a coach? In this video, I briefly discuss the many benefits of hiring a coach to achieve a better work-life balance experience. Critical thinking is given to career management, conflict resolution, team management, leadership skills and other soft skills that could be

12 Leaderhip Styles

A brief description as to how a coach can help you identify the 12 leadership styles that exist. This video is made to motivate you to want to find out what kind of leader you are and are you as effective as you can be


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