Most customer interaction studies have a couple of core issues that we’d like to measure. Among the top are: satisfaction, importance, and loyalty.

Satisfaction is how satisfied are your customers with respects to the various services and attributes of your engagement with theirs:

a. over-all product/service satisfaction
b. pre-sales support
c. ongoing support and customer service
d. cancellation reasons and drop-outs

Importance covers what is really important to your customers and what are not. For example: if most of your customers think on-site support is not very important, having a high satisfaction score on that will not significantly affect the bottom-line.

Loyalty is what do your customers think about you really and how they perceive your services. With the high cost involved in the acquisition of new customers (about 10x) this usually plays a critical role in the development of your business and services that you provide. For most businesses, customer retention directly affects the profitability.

Businesses today realize that one of the keys to success in the competitive marketplace is effective customer management. Companies see customer relationship as a strategic advantage and have invested a lot of effort in making sure that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is high on the priority list. However, few companies have invested effort in terms of having a continuous measurement strategy that can signal potential dips in real-time.

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