Let’s face it, we all want a team of winners! Productive, interested, dedicated members who deliver on time and on budget. If only it were as easy as asking for it.


It takes a lot of planning and structure to develop a Superstar Team!


Let’s start with these 4 steps first and see how quickly your team will excel.


STEP 1:  Agree to the Same Business Goals

Establish an inclusive environment where everyone can state what their personal goals are while in your employment. Review your past goals with your team and establish new ones that will bring your business to the next level while helping them with their goals too. Teamwork rocks!!


STEP 2: Understand the Present Reality

Ask yourself ‘Who? What? When? Where? How? Why?’

Before you make any changes, explore why your present situation needs to change. Are you losing money? Is your competition stealing market share? Is there a “brain-drain” among your people? Explore these questions with your team and get a good 360- degree perspective on the situation.


STEP 3: Options and Obstacles

Brainstorm!!  I can’t stress that enough. And just when you think you are done, and you have the right solution, go back to the table and do some more! ­­As long as everyone feels like contributing matters, they will. Believe me, everyone wants to be heard!


STEP 4: The Will and the Way

Motivate your team. Ask your team to show you the will to commit and the way to move forward by agreeing to specific actions. Set a review date to see how far you have come together and how you will celebrate.

So, what are you waiting for?  No time like the present to get going with these easy and effective steps in transforming your team to become top contributors and performers.

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