As we come out of the pandemic, let’s resurge with a new found sense of integrity and positivity, taking the deep lessons we have learned and putting them into infinite action. 

Take a moment to reflect on the lessons you have learned over the past year, and make a promise as to how you are going to adopt it into your daily life. 

As I work with my clients who have realigned, pivoted and reimagined many aspects of their business, these lessons remain true no matter what the season.


1- Remote work works:

Prior to the pandemic, the ability to work remotely was a treat. Now we know that it does work, employees are responsible enough to take it seriously and get their work done, and more companies will offer this as an option even as traditional offices start to reopen.


2- Work/life balance really does exist:

The pandemic put our personal lives at the forefront over the last 15 months. It proved that we can still be professional, take our job responsibilities seriously, yet still manage to make time for our personal lives. Anyone who says there is no such thing as a balance is obviously dead wrong. It really comes down to better time management skills. 


3- We are more creative than we realize:

Business in America doesn’t just stop because of a pandemic or anything else. The reality is people are more creative and resourceful than they give themselves credit for. It might not always be the most ideal way to get something done, but in tough times, people will always find a way. Let that be a lesson in every challenge you face. 


4- Mental health matters:

Covid was a serious physical illness that impacted one’s health. One thing the pandemic taught us is that just as important is our mental health. Things like stress, anxiety, depression, having to cope in tough times and making time for self-care is extremely important and deserves our attention. If we neglect it, it will take a toll on our business and personal lives. 


5- It’s about trust, communication and teamwork:

When we couldn’t be face-to-face in an office setting with our colleagues, we relied on important skills that often get overlooked like communication, trust and teamwork. These are the building blocks of good business and should never again be forgotten in good times or trying ones.  


6- Lend a hand in business and life:

In my own business and in my client’s companies, the one thing I saw through this pandemic was people helping people. Covid made life harder for most of us, yet our coworkers, neighbors, friends and even complete strangers were there to lend a hand. Going forward, we must continue to be kind and do this in business and in life. 


7- Trying new ways:

One of the greatest business lessons from the pandemic is that we have to be open to trying new ways. There always comes a time when the old way just won’t work anymore. That was the case with Covid and all of a sudden, we had to be openminded, optimistic and willing to find new ways. 



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