Let’s face it…we all do it. We get so caught up in our hustled and hurried world, that life gets out of alignment and into chaos rather quickly. Believe me, I’ve been there, time and time again. When you are faced with this, your level of life satisfaction quickly becomes challenged. The good news? it is possible to restore the balance of work, friends and family so that you can enjoy life once again.


Here are 5 strategies I found helpful in finding balance.



A big reason people use to justify working so hard is that they are doing it to provide a better life for their families. But what is the point if you’re not around to spend quality time with them? You end up losing more than gaining. This is where a “time out” needs to happen so you can assess why you are actually working so hard and re-adjust your priorities. Your family would appreciate you being around more. So how much is that salary you are earning really costing you? The result may surprise you.



Seems impossible right? If you are a workaholic - it is. The lesson here is to work smarter, not harder. Are you really being as productive? Maybe there is a disconnect between how your work and how much you work. Do you delegate or are you a micromanager? Are systems and procedures in place that lend to a constructive working environment? Are others able to do the work if you’re not around? These are necessary changes to put into place to regain a much-needed balance in your life.



If you can put your day or week on paper it will be easier to visualize how much work you have and how much time you realistically have to do it.  Don’ forget to include downtime for yourself, friends, family and activities. You will notice increased productivity and less stress at work when you schedule your time off.


Try these planning tips:

  • Have a day/week planner
  • Prepare a to-do list
  • Figure out when you are most productive and do the important work then
  • Avoid interruptions and distractions when you are working at your peak time
  • Leave work at the same time each day to fit in personal time
  • Arrive at work early to get a jump start on the day
  • Avoid taking work home at night and limit the amount you have to do on weekends




If you have dedicated time in your planner for personal time, then do just that. That means no phone calls, emails or reviewing any type of work. It is up to you to set the boundaries and make sure family and friends get the quality time they deserve without interruptions. Be present. Don’t allow your mind to drift to work issues.



Social media is not enough to keep real friendships going. Invite friends over for dinner, make plans to go out and make real memories. These are the moments that will get you through the tough times at work and give you the fresh perspective you need come Monday morning.


You need downtime from work and the support from friends and family. But it won’t happen unless you plan it. Use these strategies to balance your life and enjoy the benefits of spending quality time with the people who bring meaning to your existence.


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