Here we go again… Feels awfully familiar…. feeling stuck or on repeat? Things are good but not great? Complacent and scared of change? Here are 7 tips to get you and your business out of Groundhog Day and onto a path of passion and purpose


1. Stop doing everything yourself

To keep things moving in your business, you cannot keep dealing with everything. Start attributing a cost to each task you undertake throughout the day, and see how much your day really is costing you versus how much money you’re making. Can’t stress this enough: delegate often and to as many people as possible. Don’t have the manpower? Go virtual… such an efficient alternative to free up your time.


2. Set realistic and measurable goals

Are results lagging despite your efforts? Set regular tracking templates to assess your results as often as required, preferably on quarterly basis. What’s working? Or not? Adjust your focus points and effort spent as needed so you have a ready take on what’s working and what isn’t.


3. Go tech go!

Are you still balancing your books with pen and paper, or God forbid…Excel? Invest in accounting software, there is no excuse not to. Digitizing your books has a long line of benefits. You’ll be able to integrate your accounting software with your business bank accounts so that everything updates in real time, easily share information with your accountant and quickly generate reports to help you plan for the future of your business.


4. Get out and about

Put some effort into networking. Dont get caught up on social media and think you’re actually interacting and making lasting connections. As soon as things return to normal, there are local chambers of commerce, industry organizations and business networking groups waiting to meet and greet you. Don’t just show up and sit in the back row — volunteer to take a leading role. You’ll meet more people this way and build more connections.


5. Plant one tree at a time.

Don’t get lost or overwhelmed. Pullback, on a regular basis to look at the big picture of how your business is progressing. Keep assessing the good, the bad, and the changeable. Give a quick look as to what your competitors are doing. Nothing wrong with keeping an eye on the market and get a “real” read as to what is going on. Stay ahead by reading about your industry and others that could benefit your business. Yes, it may be hard to take time away from the day-to-day, but if you don’t do so, your business will never grow to the heights you envisioned for it

Apply these 5 tips diligently and you’ll find yourself on the other side of Groundhog Day in no time. Take one step at a time, and don’t let anything take you off course. If you need help getting unstuck just book a free one-on-one session and let’s work on it together.

You don’t need to figure it out on your own.

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