It’s happens, let’s face it.

At some point in our working lives, we end up in a business environment where nothing we do is ever enough or validated.

Feeling undervalued does one thing really well: it makes you feel stuck.

If you’re not sure how to get unstuck and get the validation you deserve, start by focusing in on these 10 scenerios and start getting unstuck.

#1 Lack of gratitude

Sound familiar? Yeah... I know. I feel you…

Can you recall the last time? Thought so. You should be seen and heard at work and for what you contribute. From managers, co-workers even. If they’re not, focus in on whether it is particular to your manager, or if the company culture itself does not lend to praise and rewards for a job well done. Only thing to do here is to keep asking for feedback. Doesn’t hurt to do that.

#2 Bad work assignments

“Why am I always getting the worst tasks?” It happens... Happened to me.

Talk about throwing an arrow right into your self-esteem. Good times.

Work is a struggle to begin with, imagine when it’s something that offers no stimuli or joy… double the struggle.

Some questions to ask yourself:

Why are my co-workers getting choice projects and I am not? 

Can I discuss these inequities with my manager?

Will discussing it make a difference?

#3 No one has time for you

“Why is everyone ignoring me when I go to them for answers?”

Is your leader giving time to be heard?

Teams are called teams for a reason. In order to be effective, Leaders need to give time to them, it may help change the dynamic.

#4 Lack of support

If you have no backing in whatever project you’re involved in, that can be a sign that your efforts are going under-appreciated.

Asking for help is hard enough as it is. If you ask, and there’s no follow up, it may be time to consider whether it’s worth working it out, or leaving altogether.

#5 Negative comments

There’s a big difference between constructive criticism and harmful comments at work. You need the former to grow, and the latter just needs to go.

Safety and respect should be a daily observance at work.

#6 Not learning and growing

Work should be a place where you learn new things and improve your skills. Companies and teams are often motivated to invest in their employees.

Talk to your manager about ways your work and role can grow in ways that benefit you, your team, and the company

#7 Doing others’ work

Cinderella doesn’t live here anymore! You certainly have enough with your work, no need to take on other people’s tasks.

What’s most important to you? Your time, what’s on your plate or how you’re compensated or valued? Important questions to keep at the forefront of your mind

#8 Not being compensated

It’s your right to be paid for the work that you do. 

If you’re not being compensated appropriately for your work, it’s more than just your work being undervalued, you’re not being valued as a human.

#9 Lack of boundaries

Are you being asked to overextend yourself with your time? Does it feel almost inappropriate? Why is your need for personal time not being respected?

#10 Feeling isolated

You are not alone in this. Feeling isolated at work happens more often than you realize. People who are often unappreciated at work feel left on their own.

Appreciation is connective. Without it, it’s normal to feel left out in the cold.

Isolation can come in many forms - from remote work, to working alone, to feeling unwelcome or even targeted. You deserve to feel supported, welcomed, included. 

You don’t need to figure it out on your own.

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