4 Better Ways to Handle Complaints

If you WOW a customer at the Moment of Truth , the average customer will walk away and tell 5 people about the experience. If you fail to meet the customer's expectations at the Moment of Truth , customers are very likely to tell 11 people about the problem they had...

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Are You Working Alone?

Remember co-workers? Those annoying people who you're forced to share an office with -- some of them friends, but most of them insufferable. If you're anything like me, one of reasons for starting a home business was to get away from these people. And yet, when you do...

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Why Training Fails

Sometimes when I conduct my workshop on Effective Meetings, one of the participants will ask, "Where's my boss?" And I say, "Your boss claimed to be an expert on holding effective meetings." Then the person laughs. "My boss needs to attend your workshop more than...

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Appraisals – Learn How To Love Them

Appraisals have a pretty bad reputation in many organizations. Managers dread having to give them and employees hate having to take them. But by simply focusing on 7 high-value components of appraisals, you can turn them into one of the most important activities you...

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6 Factors Of Career Success

What do employers look for in potential employees? That was the question that was posted recently on a career discussion forum online. Naturally, for each different position, the particular answers to that question would be different. However, there are some common...

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Successful Team Building Techniques

In business, it does not matter whether you work in a typical office a shop or a factory. You are built up of a group individuals with specific goals towards producing the goods that the company sells. This is what defines a team. From the most mundane task like...

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