For years now, I’ve made it a point to read at least one entrepreneurial book every month.

The sneak-peak into the mind of different entrepreneurs is what has helped me grow my business to 250 engaged employees and also ignited my passion to become a leadership coach and share my knowledge as well.


There are so many books out there for entrepreneurs. Here are my TOP 5 of all time perfect for entrepreneurs at all levels to help you in both your personal and professional world.


  1. Zero to One – Peter Thiel

This book inspires on so many fronts and is a great read not just for entrepreneurs but aspiring ones. Peter Thiel, investor and entrepreneur, opens our eyes to the power of innovation and building a unique business to avoid dealing with the competition completely. The key – think for yourself!


  1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

An oldy but a goody! This book helps build a solid foundation for your Financial IQ using real life parables Kiyosaki experienced with his father (Poor Dad) and his friend’s father (Rich Dad). It’s fascinating to take a step back and explore our relationship with money and the truth behind what is truly holding us back from the wealth we deserve.



  1. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari – Robert Sharma

Simplicity is the key to a successful business and successful life. This book really helps deliver the message and change the way you structure your life and priorities. More so, this book will help you translate these new-found beliefs into the fabric of your company’s culture and instill success in your team.


  1. Explosive Growth – Cliff Lerner

The title says it all. Learn how to grow your start-up with inspiring step-by-step stories and tips from someone who actually did it! If you are in the tech space this book is a must read with tactics on how TinderBumbleFacebookTwitterApple, and Dropbox achieved their explosive growth. From creating a remarkable product, to viral growth strategies, to creating a culture of passionate employees, this book has it all.


  1. The Richest Man in Babylon – George S. Clason

Almost a century after it was first published, this book is a classic of personal financial advice.  Taking place 8000 years ago in Babylon, Clason takes us on a journey of parables that withstand the rapid changes of our time. The 7th parable has always inspired me and expand my knowledge; "The more of wisdom we know, the more we may earn", and, "That man who seeks to learn more of his craft shall be richly rewarded"

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