Are you a Boss or a Leader?

Are you a Boss or a Leader? Do you know the difference? Angela, Leadership Coach and Founder of Intinde, shares how your leadership style is paramount in building a successful business.

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Developing Expert Power

A brief description as to what Expert Power is, what it can do for you, and who benefits from it. Great for leaders wanting to re-inforce their position as thought leaders in their field

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Are You an Effective Leader?

Briefly describes how effective leadership is not by birth or birthright. That skills in leadership need to be studied and honed when taking over a family business or assuming a leadership role within an organization.

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12 Leaderhip Styles

A brief description as to how a coach can help you identify the 12 leadership styles that exist. This video is made to motivate you to want to find out what kind of leader you are and are you as effective as you can be.

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Why seek a Business Coach?

Why do you need a coach? In this video, I briefly discuss the many benefits of hiring a coach to achieve a better work-life balance experience. Critical thinking is given to career management, conflict resolution, team...

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