At some time or other we all day dream about quitting our day jobs, but few take the right action.  Many people run away from their day-to-day rather than running towards a viable dream. Next thing they know the discover they are living the same struggles over and over again.


Start by working through these 6 questions to pursue your passion and give your life purpose.


1- What does the perfect career mean to you?

What does your dream job look like? Before you take any decisions, you have to figure out what you want, and what that really looks like. Get clarity on your vision first, and then work towards going in that direction. Even if it’s not clear to you yet, start thinking about it, it’s the first step towards realizing what you’ve been dreaming of all along.


2- How does your today compare with your dream career?

Compare what you are doing now, with what you want to do. Does your current situation serve your highest and best self? Does your job align with your values and beliefs? Hard one to answer, I know. Does your current job get you to your dream career? If where you are currently supports where you want to go, then you’re in the right place. Does your job align itself with your current life priorities? In a perfect world, the answer to all the questions should be yes. If not, this is your sign that you should continue to pursue your ideal career with #3 on the list!


3- What’s your plan?

Don’t quit your day job to chase a magic bullet. Be deliberate when quitting your job and take your time to plan this change. How long do you need to stay where you are before you can put your purpose into action? Continue to focus and grow in your current job, while thinking and visualizing what your dream career looks like, and making sure that you are honing your skills to be able to transition into your dream career within a realistic period of time.


4- How can you build a bridge?

It is important to create a path between where you are and where you are going. Starting off with something new without a smooth transition can be devastating to your career. It’s important to identify the gap between your current point and your end point. It’s time to move on when the cost of staying where you are, exceeds the cost of leaving and setting off towards something new.


5- What’s your plan B?

Be pessimistic now, so you can be optimistic later.  Don’t jump without a back plan if Plan A doesn’t quite workout the way you hoped. Remember, if you prepare for the worst, you have a greater chance of avoiding it. Then you can focus on what you really need to be doing to keep your Plan A successful.


6- Get your *** together

No, this isn’t a question. At this point you should know yourself and your next step well enough to jump in. Plan and then take action. Don’t let fear and self-doubt stand in the way. Be clear about what you want. To do that, you have to clear about all that is cluttering your ability to identify what it is that you want. And believe it or not, the universe will give you exactly what you wish for.


You don’t need to figure it out on your own.

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