“There can be no life without change, and to be afraid of what is different or unfamiliar is to be afraid of life.”  Unknown


This I know to be true: If you want to achieve and grow, change must take place. Bearing in mind, that anything you do, nothing remains the same forever. If you move beyond where you are, it requires you getting comfortable with discomfort. Then something called growth happens, indicating that the changes you have made are actually working and taking shape. Then you need to assess and continuously shift the needle to keep going. Then a transformation takes place, and you are dealing with a new reality. All this, and you didn’t even know it. How gratifying.


It is within your control to see if your mindset changes in the face of a new direction. If you resist, guess what? Nothing happens.  How do you go about welcoming what the universe has to offer? Are there signs for you to look for? Do you reach out to someone or something, or simply look within? And how do you adjust?


What I have witnessed with people I know, is that resistance to change is due to the fear of what is lost in the process. And there are many to worry about. Fear of losing the familiar, fear of losing control, or merely the distress of losing someone and finding ourselves alone.


But if you dare to look beyond what you know, what is familiar, you might see new possibilities and actually focus on what is gained.  Change is inevitable and constant. It all is depending if you allow it in. The unknown, can sometimes, and I mean sometimes, lead to a more satisfying and fulfilling life. Simply put, if you find a new way to do your life and all that is in it, you will reach greater heights of success, money, notoriety, visibility, reputation and credibility, of the likes that you only had dreamed of so far.


But for this to happen, you actually have to conclude that your life needs to be improved upon, and that your belief system needs an update. The human condition is prone to mistakes. We are creatures of habit - doing the same thing, all day, every day. Your brain, at some point will trigger you to look beyond what you know, what you have been told and shown. It’s up to you to respond to triggers that tell you: it’s time, change something.


Stubbornness never helps

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw


When faced with evidence or proof that no longer sustains your belief system, it’s time to go. Stay put, and you will lose. You will be swallowed up if anything does not evolve, grow, change, progress and transform. So, accept that things do change!

We are guilty of being stubborn or having a fixed mind on things, sticking with what feels safe and secure. But, having the courage, strength and self-discipline to admit that you are wrong or allow progress to happen  is what ensures that you having staying power.


Possibilities ensures Change

From the beginning of time, we have believed all sorts of things. But change along with progress and science have worked in transforming many of our misconceptions. So, we may have to consider that changes and getting out of our comfort zone are needed to grow and have a better life. What is impossible becomes possible.


To Progress one must Change

So, you see that nothing is impossible where dreams are concerned. Your only limit, is your imagination.  A creative spirit is vital for you to change, grow and progress. Dreams provide endless opportunities. But if you refuse to change your mindset, your beliefs, or your routine, you will never be able to move forward beyond your false impressions. The great George Bernard Shaw also said: “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”


Change is the natural order of the Universe. Be unique. Don’t copy or try to be someone else, living someone else’s path. Find and live your true identity. Take action to change and grow rather than letting the world tell you who you are.


Hold on With Both Hands to Welcome Change

When change knocks at your door, let it in. Do not let doubt, fear or failure command the course you want to travel on the roadmap of your life.  Risks are meant to be taken, not talked about. Playing it safe ensures nothing happens to you. How boring.

If something is not working, that’s a sign. HUGE sign. It is easy to be influenced by the doubts or disbelief of a relative or friend. They can even push you to think that your ideas are impossible. Do not let anyone tell you that your dreams are too big, when theirs are small. All they want is to keep where they are, and not where you want to go.


Success Equals Change

You are the driver of the changes you want to welcome into your life. No one else can sit in that seat but you. Average thinking is for an average life, it’s ultimately a choice you make, everyone has the right to the brass ring.

Sometimes you have to stand alone to reach what you wish for your life. I rather welcome that, it’s given me more room to maneuver the very things I needed to do to get to the next level. Do not fear solitude, use it to reinforce your focus, determination and your will. Stay quiet with your plans, know that the only vision that matters for your life, is yours.

Please understand, mistakes will happen, but the lesson is not making the same ones the next time. Accepting failure as a part of success is the hardest lesson, but also the greatest one. Each failure means you’re on your way, not the other way around.


Accept Change

Change is inevitable. What is not so clearly understood by most, is that you have to change along with it. Try to recognize which changes will lead you to progress and grow. Become aware of the facts so that you can change for the better.

Let go of the shame and embrace the change you have to make because progress is impossible without it. Change will be what creates the person you were always meant to be. So that you can contribute to the world rather than expecting the world to provide for you. Let the transformation begin, and see the world anew. I for one, have already started. Join me?



It's time to feel valued and fall in love with your career.