5 Ways To Find Your Balance

Let’s face it…we all do it. We get so caught up in our hustled and hurried world, that life gets out of alignment and into chaos rather quickly. Believe me, I’ve been there, time and time again. When you are faced with this, your level of life satisfaction quickly...

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HOW TO SAY NO. How do you assert yourself while still maintaining good working relationships and without compromising your future? The key is a a healthy win-win negotiation. When we hear the word “negotiation” we automatically feel pressure and negativity; when all...

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Surprises for Managers

How many surprises are there for new managers? DESPITE BEING PREPARED, NEW MANAGERS CAN COME UNSTUCK IN UNEXPECTED WAYS   Most new managers and leaders know that things will change once they’re the boss, and that they’ll have to apply a different set of skills to...

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Post Hurry Sickness

Overcoming constant panic and rush WHAT HURRY SICKNESS IS AND HOW TO CIRCUMVENT IT   “I’m too busy to read this!” you say. Now, don’t worry, it won’t take up much of your time. Five minutes, or maybe three if you skim. “But I can’t,” you say, “I’m already running...

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Is there life without change

“There can be no life without change, and to be afraid of what is different or unfamiliar is to be afraid of life.”  Unknown   This I know to be true: If you want to achieve and grow, change must take place. Bearing in mind, that anything you do, nothing remains the...

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Emotional Labour

Understanding and managing Emotional Labour WHEN YOUR JOB REQUIRES YOU TO MANAGE YOUR EMOTIONS Does your job require you to manage your emotions or the way you express those emotions, to meet organizational expectations? This is called ’emotional labour.’ People in a...

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How to decode business jargon

How to decode business jargon WAYS TO STAMP OUT THE WRONG KIND OF LANGUAGE AND HOW TO USE THE RIGHT KIND EFFECTIVELY The business world is overflowing with unnecessary jargon – words that do more to confuse co-workers and customers than to help them. Here are three...

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Top 5 Entrepreneur books

For years now, I’ve made it a point to read at least one entrepreneurial book every month. The sneak-peak into the mind of different entrepreneurs is what has helped me grow my business to 250 engaged employees and also ignited my passion to become a leadership coach...

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It's time to feel valued and fall in love with your career.