Being a control freak isn’t a good thing. In fact, some might call it downright annoying.  Excuses are made for it: “I can’t help it!” some say. “That’s just the way I am!” others would say. But, ya know what? That’s not altogether true.


You know when you are being overly controlling. You feel it. Just like an alcoholic yearns for one more drink, you crave control in any situation. You see yourself jumping in, taking charge, directing the flow of traffic. It’s cringe-worthy at times. And yet, you just continue to do it. So, if this is you, decide to take control (release control) of the situation by reviewing the following checklist to identify your control freak tendencies and explore the strategies for how you can improve your behavior. I’ve been there, and have come out the other side, you can do it too. After all, being a control freak isn’t as likeable as it sounds


  1. Do you refuse to delegate?
  2. Does everything have to be on schedule?
  3. Are you a perfectionist?
  4. Are you moody?
  5. Are your expectations threatened?
  6. Do you micromanage others?
  7. Do you judge other people’s behavior?
  8. Have you been severely hurt in the past?
  9. Do you constantly criticize people?


Chances are you’re a control freak! How do you alleviate this? By embracing uncertainty and getting comfortable with the notion that all things will happen in their time, not yours.


So, surrender, and accept what is happening right now. In reality, wanting to control everything means a rejection to living in the now.


But to do this, one ingredient is imperative: trust. Never mind trusting others, trusting yourself first is what matters you control maniacs. Trust your inner voice, it’s there for a reason. Trust your instincts, they are the buttons that get pushed on their own when faced with a situation of uncertainty. Problem is: we’re too busy controlling and not listening to all the noise going on inside of us, trying to steer us in the right direction. Your most trusted friend is right inside you, pay attention, will you, because they are.


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